Part Obsolescence


1. The process of becoming obsolete or outdated and no longer used.

The unrelenting march of time brings all good things to an end. Unfortunately, mechanical systems are no exception. As systems evolve, it is often the most reliable components that receive the least attention. Leading inevitably to obsolescence. While this may be the unfortunate truth, that does not mean there is not a remedy to preserve the status of your most valued assets. Much like an insurance policy.

In some organizations, the practice of redundancy is critical to operation, such as military, aerospace and medical to name a few. Much in the same way that these processes are built with failsafes, we have built a service to do the same for critical components and assemblies. The redundancy of a process does not always translate to the redundancy of a system.

We call this the Digital Twin – a virtual copy of all component(s) in an aging system. We can use the digital copy to not only replicate failing parts and assemblies when needed, but for PFMEA (Potential Failure Mode Engineering Analysis) as well. This allows us to improve and map machine dynamics offline – optimizing uptime and maximizing throughput.

The service is not exclusive to expired components on aging machines. Some of the best results are realized on new machines that suffer from undiagnosed issues and hard-to-find custom components. Examples include decades-old airplanes, or a state-of-the-art bottling machine suffering from challenges due to unique bottles design.

No matter the problem, our moto is simple. No CAD, no problem. Bring us a problem with no beginning and we will provide a resolution. If you are interested in how our obsolescence program can be utilized in your application, please inquire today.


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