Integrated Manufacturing

We believe in using our precision CNCs to provide our partners with the highest quality parts and components that one could expect. Through the use of our equipment we have the ability to hold a tolerance of up to +/-.0001,” within the given material specifications.

In a commodity market, we are your value added partners in production. We share our customers frustrations and use our vast knowledge, highly sophisticated equipment and innovative approach to help you avoid project hangups. Whether you simply need added capacity, manufacturing insight or complete cradle to grave process management, we are here for you.

Using some of the finest turning and milling equipment available on the market today. Utilizing on machine probing for setup an inspection we ensure accurate results the first time, every time.

We can provide inspection reports for any batch quantity at any point of the production cycle. We have on and off site CMM capabilities to ensure accuracy in your production as well as ours.

All of our tools are of the highest quality. Sourced from Germany, Japan and right here in the USA. All tools are regularly inspected for wear and defects to avoid any downstream issues that could arise from faulty cutters.


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